Monday, June 5, 2017

Sitecore: TDS bundling error

Another random TDS error I've encountered a few times now. It seems to stem from renaming and/or moving around TDS projects too much. I'm not 100% on the exact cause, but the error that gets generated...

Which isn't very useful. Looking at a more Detailed output...

"Bundling files from project 'xxx.TDS.Master.scproj' into pacakge...
Exception Value cannot be null."

If you attempt to build only the TDS project listed, then it compiles without any errors. If you attempt to build a different TDS project that uses the Multi-project Properties tab to do Package Bundling, then you get the shown error.

The fix (for me at least) was to change the value of the "Recursive Deploy Action" dropdown, then save and rebuild. You can immediately change it back to the original value, but you need to force it to re-save its value to the .scproj file.

Repeat for any affected TDS projects, and your bundling functionality should work again.